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  • Generating Facility


The information on this page pertains to the Generating Facilities associated with the project, including the solar panels, inverters, collector lines, onsite substation, gen-tie line, and associated buildings, structures and equipment.


The documents below provide information related to the environmental evaluation of the project conducted by the County of Imperial, including the Conditional Use Permit issued for the project, which includes mitigation measures and procedures designed to minimize environmental, agricultural and other effects of the project.



Imperial County Documents


   Conditional Use Permit


   Draft Environmental Impact Report

      Draft Enviornmental Impact Report - Cover Pages

      Table Of Contents

      Executive Summary


      Project Description

      Environmental Settings

      Environmental Consequences

      Cumulative Impacts

      Other CEQA Considerations

      Effects Found Not To Be Significant

      Preparers' Organizations


      List Acronyms

      List Of Appendicies

      Appendix A - NOP Comment Letters

      Appendix B - Plan Of Development

      Appendix C- Traffic Analysis

      Appendix D- Air Assessment


   Final Environmental Impact Report

      Final Cover - Imperial County

      Final Cover - EGI

      Table of Contents

      Findings - Cover

      Findings - Cover - After Color



      Executive Summary



      Mitigation, Monitoring, and Reporting Program